Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

In this video you are introduced to the CyberSafe247 Filtering Modem

i-Parenting – A guide to safer web surfing for your family

Safe internet

Keeping Kids Safe Online


 “Get a good internet filter, install it and check the logs!

It’s reported that 1 in 4 children have at some time been targeted by internet predators. I have 4 kids myself, does that mean I’ve already dropped the ball on protecting my kids from Cyber threats ? I do what I can, I’m enabled by knowledge and technology.

I’m teaching my kids to switch off inappropriate content as soon as it pops up, this empowers them and gives us an opportunity to praise and encourage this behaviour, they can then take that learnt behaviour with them into places you can’t and shouldn’t go into.

Late nights create unmanageable kids

Your young kids become young adolescents and then young adults. You wont always be around to dictate to them what is and is not appropriate behaviour.  Simply blocking content and hoping they only have access to the internet when you are around may not be the way to go.

We try to be present and engaged when the kids are online, take a genuine interest in what they are into and even participate when invited. By being actively involved you will learn just how diverse i-parenting can be, for example my kids play a simulation game where they bring up, care for and train horses. The game is age appropriate but can allow interaction between players online which needs to be closely monitored. One of the kids learnt that you can setup multiple expendable accounts and trade good stuff for junk online back to yourself, allowing the child’s main account to profit from the activity.

As a parent you’ll have to decide if this is the type of behaviour you want your kids to learn, either way no internet filter or amount of browser history checking can provide protection from that kind of “threat to a child’s innocence”



Inappropriate content is everywhere


Be engaged and present

I say, be aware, stay engaged, be a good parent. Protecting your kids from Cyber threats  is just like protecting your kids from getting run over By a car. You can’t block off all the roads leading to your house but you can teach your kids to look right, left and right again before crossing, you can and should restrict their exposure to potential risk. Get a good internet filter, install it and check the logs, know your kids friends and how they influence behaviours online.

You are invited to call me or my staff, we can arrange to show you products and services that can help you remove and restrict some Cyber threats from your kids reach. I’d be delighted to help make that One  in Four, None in Four so please do call for assistance.