Want Better Wifi?

We can deliver!WiFi-Trouble-Spots

Some environments are undoubtedly WiFi trouble spots. Heavily insulated walls, Thick Steel reinforced Walls, long distances from router to devices, fish tanks, wine racks Large Metal fridges and appliances are just some of the obstacles your $100 modem router was not designed to deal with.

It’s our experience that WiFi environments only get busier and noisier over time ultimately degrading your Modem/Routers tenuous grip on your WiFi devices.

Our experts can attend onsite, bring test equipment and samples with them. This way you only purchase which products work for you, saving you time and money.

We can audit the WiFi congestion in your home or business and setup new or configure your existing gear to work optimally.

Only an experienced tech with the resources at his disposal can get you the result you’re looking for. Our installations will provide speed and range where previously there was none.

Please feel free to call for a chat, I’m waiting to assist you, your business or family with better WiFi.

Garth Watson

0412 758 612

Proprietor and Senior Technician